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Showing April 24 - April 30, 2017

Wednesday, 1/11

  • Spring 2017 AIChE General Body Meetings

    1/11/2017 12:45 PM to 5/3/2017 1:45 PM


    AIChE members gather for lunch as they listen to and learn from industry professionals and professors about their prospective career choice.

Monday, 1/23

  • Fundraising Team Meeting

    1/23/2017 7:00 PM to 4/24/2017 8:00 PM

    Group Business

    Bi-weekly fundraising team meeting! We are working on planning more fundraising events to fund our San Claudio project and our future trips. 

Wednesday, 1/25

  • Professional Development Team Meeting

    1/25/2017 5:00 PM to 4/26/2017 6:00 PM


    Professional development team will work on preparing job interviews, resume and help students to utilize experience at EWB to find jobs. 

Friday, 2/3

  • Bible study

    2/3/2017 5:00 PM to 5/16/2017 6:00 PM


    We hold this Bible study session to answer questions about the Bible and the church. The whole student body is greatly welcomed to attend. 

Wednesday, 2/8

  • Table Book Show

    2/8/2017 9:00 AM to 5/8/2017 1:00 PM


    We will introduce to IIT students Bible and some profound books written by church leaders and spiritual person, in MTCC.

Monday, 4/24

  • CSA Executive Board Meeting

    4/24/2017 12:50 PM to 1:50 PM


    CSA will be having their executive board meeting to discuss new event ideas and plans for the semester. Students are welcome to join and contribute any ideas they may have.

  • Movie Night

    4/24/2017 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

    Arts & Music

    We will be showing "100 Foot Journey"

  • Cru Weekly Meetings

    4/24/2017 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


    Join Cru Illinois Tech as we grow together in community and learn about Jesus Christ!